Guys in Red Leather

One of my favourite books of all time is the ‘Sword of Truth’ series by Terry Goodkind. Most of you would not know it as a book but it aired a few years back as the TV series ‘Legend of the Seeker’. Ring any bells? It should. Remember the ‘mord sith’? Women skilled at creating dimensions of pain you didn’t even know existed? No, not your ex. Moving on, I want to borrow something from the book; when recruiting to join the mord sith, the sweetest, most innocent girls are chosen and ‘broken’ because, in Terry’s words, “the sweetest people possess the gift to cause the most hurt”. Now, before you remove my head for writing based on a product of someone’s imagination, lets think about it…….its the sweet ones who notice the silliest details and would know what would hurt the most; it’s the guys who form ‘hard-to-get’, ‘too complicated’ or have lots of friends who want to be more but can’t commit to anyone that cause the most pain. They may not break as many hearts as the ‘player’ would, but when they do, the pain caused by the player pales in comparison. It’s the ‘bad boy’ who the girls claim to be able to see through the ‘bad’ facade, the guys too scared to commit because it leads to heartache or those who don’t want people taking advantage of their emotions that push people away, in their own way, protecting themselves, but hurting the people around them. Terry might have a point. So, dear ladies, before you pledge your life to exact revenge on a guy (or the male species as a whole) because he broke your heart or do something rash like swearing abstinence from guys *shivering*, just for a second (i swear, not more than that), think…he probably had his own heart vapourized sometime (not broken) or he’s too scared to take that chance. Then again, he could just be a pig and if that’s the case, feel free to do as you please…minus swearing of men of course (there are good ones out there).
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2 thoughts on “Guys in Red Leather

  1. This is a well-written piece. Loved the fact that you could logically relate mord siths (btw, LOTS was one of my favorite TV series of all time) to the modern day ladies. Yeah, what group of guys dost thou belong to? *winks*

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